Private Minibus Hire, Private Coach Hire

Private Minibus Hire, Private Coach Hire

Private Minibus Hire in Edinburgh Scotland is a country in the sovereign United Kingdom. The city, being the capital has a big populous. Other than being the capital city, it also is the most beautiful. It hosts several major Scottish activities. The city is also one of the thirty-two council states. The parliament of Scotland is in the Edinburgh city. It is also a renowned education center offering world-class academic standards in fields like law, engineering, finance, literature, and medicine. The cultural and historical background of the city makes it one of the global largest tourist attraction sites. Edinburgh is a perfect destination for a vacation. With all these series of activities, this city has a well-managed transport system. Private Minibus Hire and coach hire Edinburgh, an established company which offers standard travel services to its clients.

Vehicle used by the Edinburgh mini coach

The company has invested substantially in the comfort of the customers. Tourists and even the local dwellers that have used these vehicles have never been disappointed. There are several types of modern vehicles. The Iveco 16-22 seater vehicles are significant for intercity traveling. The Iveco model is specially designed to include different sitting layouts, two different door types. Like all other vehicles, customer comfort is vital. The models are also spacious enough to handle events like school trips. The Ford minibus gives an exceptional experience. They range from 12-16 seater. These vehicles are powered technologically and perform some functions like automatically turning on the head lights when needed as well as using voice commands to play music, make calls and send messages.

The 16 seater Volkswagen Crafter is yet another improved and luxurious minibus that the company owns. Old is gold, this vehicle type, has been in the auto world for several years and it keeps improving and embracing new technology. The minibusses are perfect for group travel. The minibus and coach hire goes ahead to offer luxurious travel at an affordable cost, with the executive 8-16 seater Mercedes Benz. The executive Mercedes Benz is flexible to handle both long and short trips. These vehicles consume little fuel, are very comfortable and attractive. The Benz has a trailer in case clients need extra space. The car boots are also spacious enough to accommodate luggage. The Renault standard 16 seaters are equally luxurious and standard for travel purposes.

Attractions in Edinburgh

This city has several attraction sites, based on its history and culture. Some of the attractions are museums, sights, and landmarks. It hosts the fringe, an international art festival. It also hosts the Edinburgh international festival. The wave of history is deeply rooted in this city. Visiting the historical sites is a major attraction. Walking in the old Edinburgh streets like the streets of old town alone is a lifetime experience. The artworks in the galleries are a sight to behold.

Top ten things to do in Edinburgh

The city is rich of sites. One is never far away from a site here. Visiting this city could be one remarkable experience that takes a lifetime to forget. So once in Edinburgh, there are ten must-visit locations. Tour the Edinburgh Castle, The National Museum of Scotland, Arthur's Seat and the Royal Yacht Britannia. Tour landmarks like the Royal Scottish Academy, the Forth Road Bridge, the Royal Mile and the Real Mary King's Close. One needs to also visit religious sites like the St. Margaret's chapel and the Holy Abbey. The things to do in Edinburgh are inexhaustible in a single visit.

Best restaurants in Edinburgh

The city has some of the best restaurants that serve very sumptuous meals. Restaurants like Aizle, The Table, Purslane Restaurant serve fine dining. Other food outlets like Papii, Oink, Deacon's House Caf? and Taste of Italy are cheap eats.

Hotels in Edinburgh

The hotels vary from 3-5 stars. use our Private Minibus Hire Edinburgh for traveling to The hotels that provide quality professional services. Some of them like the Balmoral Hotel reveal the city's history and culture, based on its construction and food offered. Other hotels are the Edinburgh residence, G&V Royal mile hotel, the glasshouse, and Malmaison Edinburgh among others.