Minibus and Coach Hire

Edinburgh Minibus and Coach Hire is a dedicated business which has been operating for well over ten years and has gone from strength to strength since then. Our speciality is the provision of coach and minibus hire for schools, families and businesses in the area. All our vehicles are chauffeur driven by properly trained drivers who will have good local knowledge. We have a special telephone team which deals with enquiries in order to provide quotes to customers who would rather speak to someone or those who may have specific queries. Various local newspapers in the area have recognised our firm as a reliable and friendly service provider.

Vehicle capability, maintenance and also roadworthiness are assessed before we allow them on the road and our aim is to provide vehicles which are six years old or less. Our main customer services team works around the clock and are available 24 hours a day. They mainly deal with online quotes and strive to carry out careful searches in order to assess vehicle type and the best matched price. Travelling times and on board facilities are also checked. We aim to deal with each online quote within 15 minutes of receiving it.

The postcode areas for minibus hire Edinburgh are EH14, EH4, EH13, EH12, EH14, EH16, EH4, EH14, EH30, EH15, EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH8, EH9, EH10, EH17, EH12, EH14, EH15, EH14, EH17, EH29, EH6, EH16, EH14, EH10, EH28, EH21, EH16, EH15, EH28, EH28, EH30 and EH20.

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and after Glasgow is the second largest. It is located in the eastern part of the country close to the border and near the North Sea, Central Belt and also the Firth of Forth. The more general area of Edinburgh also includes an urban and a rural section. With its historical presence alongside its magnificent natural backdrop, it is considered one of the most liveable and beautiful cities in the whole of Europe. It is no surprise then that it attracts well over one million holiday-goers in one calendar year and is the most visited UK city after London. It is also ranked as a gamma world city.

Through history Edinburgh was a social hotbed and was associated with progress and culture. It was even nick named the Athens of the North due to its mesmerising architecture and intellectual connections. Industry however caught up with the city and even though it did not grow faster than Glasgow, it still expanded under the British Empire. As the capital of Scotland, the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish Executive are both located in the city where the country’s governance takes place.

The population of Edinburgh has grown slowly over the years and today it is nearly 449,000. However the Edinburgh Urban Zone is considered as having a much larger population which could be in the region of 770,000 and growing. One of the main areas for residency is the south of Edinburgh which includes neighbourhoods such as The Grange and Newington. In the twentieth century the area also grew in the Western parts and many semi detached villas and large garden houses were constructed to meet the demand. However there are still a considerably large amount of residents living in flats and medium to high rise buildings. New estates have also been built in neighbourhoods such as Pilton, Niddrie and Sighthill.

The most prominent landmark of the city is of course the Edinburgh Castle. This is part of the skyline as it is located on top of the Castle Rock. It dates back to the 9th century and has been the residence for many royals as well as part of many conflicts including the Wars of Scottish Independence. The Castle later became a military base.

Other attractions in the area include The National War Museum of Scotland, St Margaret’s Chapel, Mons Meg and also the Half Moons Battery and David’s Tower. The Crown Square, Royal Palace, Queens Anne’s Building and the Scottish National War Memorial are also key sites. In terms of music and theatre the main venues are the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh Playhouse, Kings Theatre and the Youth Music Theatre. Edinburgh Zoo may also be worth checking out as it is the second most visited attraction in Scotland after Edinburgh Castle. It is also the only zoo in Britain which has koala and polar bears.

The main minibus areas include Balerno, Blackhall, Colinton, Corstorphine, Craiglockhart, Craigmillar, Cramond, Currie, Dalmeny, Duddingston, Gilmerton, Gogar, Joppa, Juniper Green, Kirkliston, Leith, Liberton, Malleny Mills, Morningside, Newbridge, Newcraighall, Niddrie, Portobello, Ratho, Ratho Station, South Queensferry and Straiton.