Minibus Hire Prices Edinburgh

Minibus Hire Prices Edinburgh

Edinburgh city, which is the capital of Scotland, is one of the most populated cities in the United Kingdom we at minibus hire in edinbu7rgh offering cheap prices in Edinburgh. Edinburgh has numerous cultural and historical sites that make it a favorite tourist destination. The only city that outpaces Edinburgh in tourism is London, which has the most number of historic and cultural sites across the United Kingdom. The minibus and coach hire Edinburgh offers visitors ample services at an affordable price. A group of tourists can decide to hire a min-bus or a coach depending on the size of the group or destination.

Vehicles used with cheap prices Edinburgh service.

Iveco 16 sitter minibus standard- One of the ideal vehicle for tourists. It has a sitting capacity of about 16 passengers, and it?s designed creatively with two different door types. Furthermore, Iveco has features like the request stop button, ticket ?machine pre-installations that make it suitable to ferry tourists.

12-16 sitter Ford transit minibus standard- This model is designed with classy windows and comfortable seats. With the driver?s seat electrically operated and the headlights turning on automatically. Ford transit is one of the automated models in the market. Some of the other features include opening rear windows, air freshener for rear passengers, reclining passenger seats and an overhead luggage rack that is convenient for travelers with luggage.

Executive minibus Mercedes 8 and 16 seater- offering one of the luxurious features ever, this model comes with a convenient design to that can carry a small group of people. Above all, there are executive minibusses that have trailer fixed on them that are ideal for passengers with luggage.

Renault standard 16-seater and Volkswagen crafter 16 seater minibus- These models are designed to suit the specific requirements of tourists.

The coach hire service offers different degrees of luxury according to the customer?s wants.

Top attractions to see with cheap Edinburgh minibus hire prices

1. Edinburgh Z00- this zoo is certainly a top attraction with animals such the panda and its strategic position near the city center makes it one of the favorite choices for most visitors.

2. Edinburgh castle- with its iconic nature the Edinburgh castle offers an ideal base for the tourist to visit. The castle has a unique location on top of the Royal mile and top of Castle Rock. It offers a broad range of options for exploration.

3. The Real Mary?s king Close- This is an old tourist attraction that is dated back in the 17th century. This forms one of the secretive sites around Edinburgh as it is buried on the Royal Mile.

4. National Museum of Scotland- It delights the visitors ever since. With a spectacular, diverse cultural and historical art it forms an excellent tourist destination.

Best restaurants in Edinburgh City

1. 56 North-locate south of Edinburgh city center.

2. Ishka ? This restaurant is one of the favorites among visitors. It is located in the city center.

3. Indigo Yard- This restaurant is located in New Town, Edinburgh city.

4. Tigerlily- With is symbolic name the restaurant is one of the best around Edinburgh. It is located in New Town.

5. Guchhi- It is located in Toll cross Edinburgh. The spectacular name makes it interesting.

Hotels to stay in Edinburgh city

There are numerous hotels in Edinburgh that can accommodate tourists. Here is a list of the best five.

1. Nira Caledonian- Five-star hotel. Locate within the Georgian townhouses.

2. Malmaison Edinburgh- This a five-star hotel. It is found in the heart of Edinburgh.

3. Norton House hotel ? Fives star hotel. Located in Ingliston, Edinburgh.

4. The Lairg Hotel- 3-star hotel. Located in West End, Edinburgh.

5. Carin Hotel- This is a 3-star hotel.