Attractions of Edinburgh

Attractions of Edinburgh

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Minibus Offerings

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Edinburgh?s Attractions

There are so many sites to see when in Scotland?s capital city. Here are some of the city?s top attractions:

Edinburgh Castle: Visiting Edinburgh Castle can give you some of the best views of the city and also transport you back in time. This historic landmark is home to ?The Stone of Destiny,? where Scottish royal leaders are customarily crowned. There is quite a bit of walking involved, but the castle is accessible. This royal palace was the home of the Stewart family, and you can even see Mary Queen of Scots? bedroom. It is also the home of the crown jewels. Many experienced travelers recommend you purchase your admission tickets in advance and try to get their earlier in the morning or visit it in the evening when it is impressively lit and even more magical.

National Gallery of Scotland: This is the official art gallery of Scotland and its history is rooted with the Royal Scottish Academy, which founded a national collection of fine art and was then housed in the National Gallery of Scotland. You can find it on The Mound in the center of the city. The Mound is an artificial hill, created by landfill and connects the old towns of the city of Edinburgh to the new towns.

National Museum of Scotland: This admission-free educational institute was recently formed when the Royal Museum and the Museum of Scotland merged in 2006 and is also located in central Edinburgh. One of the most interesting exhibits is the taxidermied remains of Dolly the sheep ? the first successfully cloned mammal, which was cloned in Edinburgh in the late 1990s.

Arthur?s Seat: Known as one of the earliest known sites of human habitation in the area, Arthur?s Seat is the peak in Edinburgh that forms Holyrood Park, home to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the historical residence of Scotland?s Kings and Queens. It is where Holyrood house can be seen, the royal palace once inhabited by Mary Queen of Scots and her son, King James I of Scotland (VI of England). Arthur?s Seat is known as a popular hike and is fairly easy to climb.

Touring Edinburgh

Here are the top 10 things to do in Edinburgh:

1. The Grassmarket: If you?re interested in the heritage sights of this historic city, Grassmarket is one of the oldest part of the capital of Scotland. For the shopper in your travel group, you?ll find many independent shops and restaurants. As you go for a stroll through Grassmarket, you?ll experience many street performers and events that celebrate Edinburgh?s history and heritage.

2. Ghosts and Superstition ? Haunted Tours: Few places rank as high as Scotland as having many ghost stories or a history with high superstitious beliefs. Edinburgh is home to multiple haunted tours if you enjoy getting spooked. From Greyfriar?s Kirkyard to the West Port area tours where you can learn about the Burke and Hare body snatchers.

3. Scotch Whisky Tasting: If you?re looking for a real local experience, go on the hunt for some one-of-a-kind Scotch Whisky Tasting. Edinburgh is home to some of the most extensive Scotch Whisky Bars. At the Amber Restaurant and Whisky Bar sits The Scotch Whisky Experience, where you can see why there?s so much passion surrounding this drink. Or simply explore the city for a few whiskey bars to taste the local drink.

4. Edinburgh City Walking Tours: If you?re looking to see some of the more popular attractions in the capital city, a walking tour may be for you.

5. Rome?s Impact on Scotland: A day trip to the historic site of Hadrian?s Wall will take you back in time to the Roman Britain and Scottish Borders.

6. Castle Rock: If you plan to see Edinburgh Castle, you may as well make a stop to see Castle Rock. It is the inactive volcano that the castle sits upon. Visiting the site will give you more insight into the Castle?s history.

7. Real Mary King?s Close: did you know that there is an underground preserved community that lay hidden for centuries? A close is another word for alleyway. You?ll find this one under the Royal Mile and got its name from Mary King ? a merchant.

8. Royal Botanic Garden: In the middle of this bustling city stands a place of peace, tranquility and natural beauty. It has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

9. Canongate Kirk: Kirks are churches in Scotland and this historic site provides an intriguing look at Scotland?s past.

10. St. Giles? Cathedral: Also known as High Kirk, this cathedral is considered to be the Mother Church of the Presbyterian faith in Scotland.

Eating in Edinburgh

What is touring another country without experiencing some of its finest cuisine and unique flavors? As any major city, you can find a variety of multi-cultural influences on the food you can find in Scotland?s capital city, including Indian, Italian, Chinese and more.

Number One at the Balmoral is one of Edinburgh?s highest rated restaurants. It is more upscale and expensive but offers European, British, and Scottish cuisine. It?s truly an experience.

Oink is a great local cheap eatery also offering British and Scottish food. If you?re in a hurry, this is a great fast food option.

New Chapter is a nice in-between restaurant also offering traditional Scottish food.

Where to Stay

What?s interesting about Edinburgh is that the hotel prices are fairly reasonable for an urban setting, so you can find a great traditionally European hotel without breaking the bank. Here are some 3-stars+ hotels for you to consider:

The Bonham ? this hotel is located in convenient walking distance to many of Edinburgh?s main attractions. Guests love the comfortable room sizes and breakfast. Service is also notable.

The Dunstane Hotel ? heated towel racks! Should we say more? There?s more. This hotel continuously receives great reviews on the styling, comfort, and service it has to offer. Check this one out.

The Scotsman Hotel ? a hotel list wouldn?t be complete without a hotel named for the people of this friendly country. Location, architectural beauty, and a delicious breakfast is what this hotel has to offer.