12 Seater Minibus Hire Edinburgh

12 Seater Minibus Hire Edinburgh

The Edinburgh 12 seater minibus Hire is a regular service that caters to individuals and small groups of between 8-14 in number. It is suitable for groups that have organized special events like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries among others. The bus operates in the city of Edinburgh which is the capital of Scotland and one that is dotted with gardens and neoclassical buildings. The company has many years of experience providing the transport hire service.The minibus and coach hire Edinburgh well known for its exceptional services.

Vehicles used by Edinburgh Minibus Coach Hire

This hiring company consists of a fleet of vehicles for one to choose. There is the Iveco 16 seater minibus which offers different seating arrangements. There are three different types of this model based on their length and door types. They are easily customizable vehicles which offer convenience. The interior of the bus is fitted with destination display boards, pre-installed ticket machines, and request stop buttons.The bus is also suitable for persons with disabilities as it features quick removal seats and rear access ramp.This vehicle is within the range of 6 years which guarantees passengers the best of services.

There is also the 12-16 seater Ford transit minibus standard. It has a well-defined interior with a sync radio/CD system, passenger's four-way seat adjust, an adjustable steering column, front windows that are electrically controlled, map reading lights, rubber floor covering and many other features. On the other hand, its exterior features daytime running lights, extensive body moldings, rear mudflaps, Euro IV emission compliant, and many other functions.

There is also the Executive Minibus Mercedes 8 and 16 seater vehicle. It consists of the minibus with a trailer which is convenient for passengers with baggage because it provides extra room. The rates for hiring the trailer will vary on vehicles with big boots since they are classified as mini coaches.

The Renault Standard 16 seater and the Volkswagen Crafter 16 seater minibus are also among the vehicles on offer. All these vehicles are in good shape and provide the best services to clients. Passengers can choose between two hiring options which include the standard and coach hire. The hiring choice will depend on the needs of the customer.

Attractions in Edinburgh

The city of Edinburgh has some attraction sites that are worth visiting. There is the Museum of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh castle. These are tourist attraction sites that are very popular.Has several attraction sites. Other attraction sites include the Scottish National and Edinburgh Waverley Railway Station, Arthur's Seat, and Mary Kings close. As tourists, passengers using the minibus hire service have the opportunity of enjoying the sights and sounds of Edinburgh luxuriously. The coaches offer transportation services around the town at very competitive rates.

Top 10 Things to do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh offers a lot of activities for any newcomer. Like many other tourist attraction sites, Edinburgh offers any traveler a chance to engage in sightseeing, museum visits, day trips, entertainment spots like bars, hotels, and restaurants, and much more.This city has a lot to offer in to make tourists have worthwhile experiences and memories.

Best Restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has some of the best restaurants in the world we can take you with 12 seater minibus Hire in edinburgh. These are restaurants that are known for their delicacies, atmosphere, and satisfaction. Some of the most visited and popular restaurants here include Purslane Restaurant Pickles, Locanda de Gusti, Bia Bistrot, Pataka, Noks Kitchen, among others. These restaurants offer top notch services at very affordable rates.

Hotels to Stay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has an array of hotels ranging from 3-star to 5-star hotels.Among the best 5 star hotels to stay in Edinburgh include the world-renowned Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Glasshouse and Balmoral hotel.